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Manufacturing Business Solutions

We have the technology and expertise to address all of your challenges,

Our wide-ranging business tools are completely tailored to your industry. With experience in almost every industry, we making solving your unique problems simple.

Systems designed with you in mind.

Gin Group knows all about the unique requirements that manufacturing organizations face. By cutomizing our wide-range of systems, your manufacturing expert representative will set things up to track absolutely any information necessary. From training, certifications, to tracking shift differentials, we can do it all.

All the features you’ll ever need.

  • Mobile app makes clocking in & out easy as well as many other self-service tasks
  • Automated pay rates and taxes for as many jobs and jurisdictions you need
  • Pay checks, direct deposit, W-2s, and automatic electronic tax filing
  • Unlimited support from a dedicated account representative that’s an expert in your industry

Get back to doing what your experts at and we’ll handle the rest.

You’re constantly improving to be the best manufacturing organization possible. We’ve been doing the same thing for payroll, HR, and so much more for 37 years. Let us increase efficiency and help save you money by leveraging our experience and technology.

See how the right technology and expertise can help make all the difference.

Save money. Increase efficiency. Scale faster.

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Payroll, HCM, and many more solutions for all your business needs.

Our services are tailored to your needs. We have solutions for all of your industries challenges.

Our full-featured payroll software easily handles any challenges you face. Between onboarding, tax withdrawals, and timely IRS deposits, there’s a lot to worry about when it comes to payroll. Get back to doing what you’re great at while we save you time and money by handling the tedious stuff.

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Tracking hours worked, managing, and processing time is easy with our highly customizable tools. With in depth analytics break downs, your time-tracking methods will be accurate down to the minute. By integrating with out payroll software, you’ll be able to fine tune business operations like never before.

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Having the best around join your team takes more than a good recruiter. Engage with new hires, introduce company culture, and on board them properly without a bunch of paperwork by leveraging our advanced software solutions.

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Business legislation is highly nuanced and always changing. Needless to say, non-compliance can quickly turn into a disaster. We pair you with our industry specific HR expert to get you compliant – and keep you that way.

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By utilizing an entire suite of options, we’re able to tailor for your exact organization’s requirements. Manage employee benefits with ease, boost loyalty, and increase satisfaction with our wide range of benefits capabilities.

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When it comes to full-service outsourcing, there’s never been a better option than Gin Group. Find out why most of our partners choose our comprehensive suite of services and expertise to handle all of their biggest challenges.

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With over 37 years in business, we’ve worked in almost every industry around. We’ll make sure you’re always business compliant, optimized for saving money, and poised for growth.


You won’t find any call centers here. Every client has a dedicated account representative that’s an expert in your industry. Find out why our customer service is unmatched.


We’re leading the way in how to manage payroll, HR, and so much more. Our cutting edge systems guarantee to solve your organizations biggest challenges.


It’s time to find the perfect solution for your business.

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